Terms & Conditions


1. The RSL ANZAC ART AWARDS is an art competition run by RSL NSW that is open to all primary and secondary school students and TAFE and University art students residing in NSW during 2015. RSL NSW assumes (and each competition entrant warrants) that by entering the competition either that entrant has legal capacity to enter the competition and agrees to these conditions of entry or that entrant’s parents or guardians have consented to both the entrant entering the competition and these conditions of entry.

2. The competition opens 3pm Wednesday, 25th February 2015 and will close at 5pm Friday, October 30th 2015.

3. The competition will be in two divisions, the Junior colouring competition and the Senior Art competition.

4. Primary school students will enter a ‘COLOURING’ Competition with one entry to be selected from a possible ten (10) stencil artworks that can be downloaded from the website ENTRY page section.

5. The Senior school competition is an ‘ART’ competition with the selected theme for 2015 - ‘RSL 100 years - Navy-Army-Air Force’. Senior students must adhere to the selected theme to be eligible for selection for final judging.

6. Artworks judged ‘Silver, Silver Distinction & Gold’ in their category will be eligible to be part of the ‘ANZAC Collection’ to be exhibited in 2016, and at all times will remain the property of the permanent ANZAC Collection and used to promote the competition and the RSL ANZAC ART AWARDS by the RSL ANZAC Art Awards Council. These entries will not be returned. In consideration of RSL NSW agreeing to consider entrants to the competition, each entrant hereby assigns to RSL NSW the complete copyright and all other rights and interlectural property in any entry, which shall be for the full period of copyright.

7. Students can only enter one artwork, which must have been completed between Wednesday 25th February 2015 and Friday 30th October 30th 2015.

8. All entries must be an original artwork and unaided work of the entrant, presented by the entrant whose name appears with entry and must not have been entered or exhibited in any previous art competition. Copies of previous artworks or photographs are not permitted.

9. The finished artwork must be no larger than 42 cm x 59.4 cm - A2, and no smaller than 21cmx 29.7 cm - A4. Square format inside this range is accepted.

10. Artworks must be painted/drawn/sketched with oil, water-colour, acrylic paint, pencil, pastel, crayon, texta or charcoal on canvas or a paper base material. Craftwork and photographs cannot be submitted. Computer art is acceptable.

11. No fibre material may be included in any artwork such as textiles or other objects constructed by weaving, knotting, felting, stitching, tying and/or twisting etc, fibrous materials which may include synthetics, metal, animal matter and/or vegetable matter.

12. Artworks on canvas stretcher frames can be submitted, however no 3D artworks can be submitted. Artworks are not to be framed.

13. There is no cost to enter the competition.

14. All artworks must be submitted via the online entry system through the dedicated competition website, www.RSLANZACARTAWARDS.COM

15. The applicant must submit a high quality digital image of the actual artwork, in either TIFF, JPEG or PDF format, no greater than 3MB.

16. Entries must upload with all fields completed on website entry form, with entrant details completed as requested. Incomplete cells will result in download failure with no entry submitted.

17. Selected finalists will be notified by email that they are required to present the original artwork to ANZAC House for final judging at entrants’ cost of delivery and insurance by the required deadline. Due to the volume of entries it is not possible for competition staff to follow up entries which are incomplete or do not comply with entry conditions.

18. Any uninvited artwork entry received at RSL headquarters, ANZAC House Sydney, will not be deemed to be in the competition and will be returned to sender at the entrant’s cost. Collection is not possible. This policy will be strictly adhered to. Online entry only.

19. Finalists artwork must be unframed and clearly labelled with a title page that will be sent to you. Correct packing materials must also be provided with the work. Any artwork damaged in transit will not be presented for final judging.

20. The competition and category winners will be announced in December 2014 by the RSL NSW State President by media release. Winners will be notified of the presentation event for later the next year to coincide with ANZAC Collection exhibition. Winners will be presented to the NSW Governor for receipt of their prize.

21. The finalist panel of judges will comprise independent arts and industry professionals.

22. All entries will be judged according to the following criteria: Creative use of the medium and response to the exhibition theme, expression and technique and originality of artistic interpretation.

23. The judges shall solely determine the category winning entries and entrants must accept the judging panel’s decision as final and acknowledge that no communication about the decision will be entered into.

24. RSL ANZAC Art Awards Council reserves the right to not judge any entry that it deems has failed to meet entry requirements.

25. Each entrant specifically permits and authorises The RSL ANZAC ART AWARDS COUNCIL to reproduce and display his or her artwork by print or electronic media for publicity purposes, reports, catalogues and any other publications and commercial products including fundraising materials, publicity, related to the organisation, competition and the exhibition. Due attribution will be made to the artist where possible.

26. Finalist artworks will be reproduced in the Exhibition catalogue. Each entrant agrees to publicity of the winning entries in any publication by the RSL NSW, RSL ANZAC ArtCouncil or the Gallery or any sponsor of the ANZAC Collection exhibition, in all media including but not limited to all electronic, broadcasting and print media. Displaying of the artwork in a ‘selection of works’ not displayed in the entire ANZAC Collection exhibition may occur for promotional purposes.

27. The competition will close on website at 5pm Friday 30th October 2015. No late entries will be accepted.

28. Artwork does not need to reflect warfare.

29. The winning entrants agree to make themselves available for the purposes of promotion and publicity at times and dates and in places reasonably requested by the RSL NSW and RSL ANZAC Art Award Council.

30. Entrants must work in full cooperation with RSL ANZAC Arts Award Council throughout the 2015 competition and 2016 exhibition.

31. RSL ANZAC Arts Award Council reserves the right not to accept an entry and to amend or add to these conditions of entry as required. Neither the RSL ANZAC ART AWARDS COUNCIL nor the exhibiting gallery/venue will be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever to any artwork, and however caused, to any work while in its custody.

32. Each competitor is responsible for maintaining his/her own artwork insurance coverage if required.


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